Summer Flair Bartender Competition 3

"Summer Flair Bartender Competition 3" West Palm Beach , Florida USA
September 21st - September 23rd 2008.

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It's that time again! This two round one day open bartender competition takes place at Club Safari West Palm Beach, FL. This is a fun Flair competition with emphasis on Flair. First we start on Monday September 22nd where will hold the first ever "Flair Trick Contest". Where competitors will basicly compete against each other using their best Flair tricks to knock out the competition until we have one winner. Think of playing a game of horse with bottles and tins. Then on Tuesday September 23rd we have the Accuraccy round as well as a Flair round. This event promises to be fun and exciting. All of that and...

Flair Trick Contest
Monday September 22nd 2008

1st Place Pro-$200.00 + Trophy
2nd Place Pro- Trophy

1st Place Advanced-$100.00 + Trophy
2nd Place Advanced- Trophy



SFBC3 Overall Standings
Tuesday September 23rd 2008

1st Place Pro- $2,000.00 + Trophy
2nd Place Pro- $1,000.00 + Trophy
3rd Place Pro- $500.00 + Trophy
4th Place Pro- $250.00 + Trophy
5th Place Pro- $200.00 + Trophy
6th place Pro- $200.00 + Trophy
7th place Pro- $200.00 + Trophy
8th place Pro - $200.00 + Trophy

1st place Advanced - $200.00 + Trophy
2nd place Advanced- $100.00 + Trophy
3rd place Advanced- $50.00 + Trophy

The First day Monday September 22nd is the "Flair Trick Contest" "FAST Tender Accuraccy Round" and Qualifying Flair rounds. The second day Tuesday September 23rd is the Finals. Along with Tandem Flair and the Mixology Contest, this event will be full of fun, Flair and features. Join us for the "Summer Flair Bartender Competition 3" at Club Safari September 21st - 23rd 2008.
Hosted by Rob Husted, BarWars L.L.C. and


Doors open to the Public at 8:00 pm.
"Summer Flair Bartender Competition 3" on September 21st - 23rd 2008. will be there with complete coverage of the event. All Competitors need to be at Club Safari no later then 6:00 pm on Sunday September 21st 2008. All Details are on For registration contact Rob Husted at:

Registration is $200.00 for FBA Advanced Division and $250.00 for the FBA Pro Division. Registration includes 3 night stay dual occupancy at the SFBC3 Host Hotel Marriott in Plam Beach Gardens, Florida!

This contest is brought to you by BarWars L.L.C.,, Club Safari, SKYY Vodka, Finest Call, Midori, X-Rated, Tyku, Marriott Hotels, Bar Products, Spill-Stop, Flairco, Rock & Record and the FBA.

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